Google Remarketing

Taking Your Conversion Rates To Next Level With Google Remarketing

 So, you have a good looking website, your shopping cart is in good shape and your call to actions are placed appropriately throughout your conversion tunnel but still there are visitors who left your website without making a purchase. This is when Google remarketing comes in and WEBIZ does it better than any other SEO company out there. Google remarketing is an advertising process designed specifically for customers who left your website either during the purchasing process or visited your website and left without entering the checkout process. It is a fairly new concept but one of the most effective ones today.

WEBIZ will first work on your website design and its search engine optimization. Our first goal is to make your ecommerce website a perfect place for customers. The primary objective of our quality SEO services is to keep your website’s conversion rate high for visitors right on their first visits. However, converting every visitor is not possible but they can always be reminded of your website and products through Google remarketing. This is done by placing “relevant” ads on other websites that are within Google’s Ad Network. By clicking on these ads the visitors are directed to your website again.


This is currently the most effective way of marketing when it comes to marketing with advertisements. These ads are not intrusive and their relevance to customers’ past searches and interests makes them quite clickable. At WEBIZ we can provide you a packaged solution with website designing, search engine optimization and creation of adverts that are most appealing for your website visitors. Our SEO consultants will tell you how the whole process works. On paper it is as easy as embedding a code on your website that will record the activities of your website visitors but there is much more going on behind it.

Remarketing is also known as retargeting since you will be targeting potential customers through this type of marketing. With our affordable SEO services and professional SEO marketing specialists, we can completely overhaul your current ecommerce strategy and make you stand out from your top competitors.


No need to waste your precious on thinking because at WEBIZ we have professionals to take care of your website. We are the best SEO Company in Calgary with the friendliest staff. Call us now at 844-777-2220 or 587-318-0833 and see your dream convert into a giant selling business.

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