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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WEBIZ SEO Inc. fully understands and acknowledges the importance of privacy of your information. On this page we (representing WEBIZ SEO Inc. from here onwards) have outlined the particulars of our privacy policy as clearly and comprehensively as possible. Any piece of information we obtain from you and make use of will be within the guidelines of the policy mentioned below. Your use of our services and website will be considered an acknowledgment of this privacy policy.

Note: This privacy policy defines how we’ll use the information that you provide to WEBIZ SEO Inc. personally and on the website.

Your Privacy And Our Commitment

Through this policy we bring forth our practices and actions we will take in regards to your personal information. This policy further tells you (website visitors, users, services users) the choices that you have available with regards to the use and collection of your information by us (WEBIZ SEO Inc.). The link to the privacy policy has been furnished on our website’s (www.webizseo.com) home page for you to find it with ease. This privacy policy will also be provided to you at any point where we may need your personal information. Here’s the information we collect from you:

  • Your name
  • Your physical and billing address
  • Your credit and debit card information
  • Your phone number (or fax)
  • Your email address
  • FTP login information
  • Website information

We will ask you to submit your personal information when you choose to sign up for one or more of our services. We will obtain your will and consent if we intend to use the information you provided for any other purpose than mentioned at the time when you signed up for the service(s). We will also provide you with the option of choosing to opt out if we wish to use your personal information for purposes that are not mentioned in our privacy policy. We consider it our responsibility and will ensure to not make use of your information in any way other than what’s mentioned in our privacy policy unless we have acquired your consent to do so. You have the option to refuse to provide your personal information and in that case those services will not be provided to you by WEBIZ SEO Inc..

How Your Information Will Be Used

The processing of your information by WEBIZ SEO Inc. will only take place according to the points mentioned in our privacy policy. Your information will be brought to use for only the purposes that the information was obtained for and the use of information will take place according to this privacy policy or any additional privacy notice that was furnished specifically before you signed up for a particular service. WEBIZ SEO Inc. continuously reviews its collected data and its processing in order to use the information to improve its services and provide the services that the information was provided for. We do all it takes to ensure that all the collected information we use for providing services and improving our services is accurate and updated. However, we are also dependent on our users for the accuracy and updating of this data.

Website Statistics

WEBIZ SEO Inc. may gather website statistics pertaining to the visitors on its website. WEBIZ SEO Inc. might also disclose such statistics, which are not personally-identifying in nature, to others for use and to the public, but personally identifying information as stated above will only be used according to the privacy policy.

Use Of Cookies

WEBIZ SEO Inc. makes use of cookies for the identification of website visitors, their tracking, their preferences for website access and how they use WEBIZ SEO website. Cookie is a small pack of information that websites place on the computer of website users. This cookie is forwarded by user’s browser to the website whenever that visitor visits the website again. WEBIZ SEO Inc. does not prevent its users from disabling the cookie feature on their browsers. However, some features of the website might not function as they are supposed to due to this practice.


You might see ads from our ad partners on our website. Our ad partners make use of cookies in order to recognize your computer or device you are using to access the website for furnishing ads. The main purpose of these ads is to showcase ads that are relevant to your interests. In this privacy policy we have covered how WEBIZ SEO Inc. uses cookies and not how our ad partners will use cookies.

Transfer Of Business

Information of WEBIZ SEO Inc. users is considered one of its assets and can be transferred to third parties in the event that WEBIZ SEO Inc. goes out of business or files bankruptcy or has to sell its assets to a third party as a result of acquisition of WEBIZ SEO Inc.. By using our services and website you agree that the third party can use this information for the same purposes as mentioned in this privacy policy.

Our Commitment To The Security Of Your Data

Any personally identifying information, that WEBIZ SEO Inc. obtains from you on the phone or online, will not be provided to any third parties. We put in all our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information you provide and for the prevention of any unauthorized or illegal access to your information once it is in our systems. In compliance of the law we might review and monitor the information provided by our users.

Records Of User Data

In order to provide you best customer service and to tackle future events we maintain your provided information and data in private folders. In addition to that, we record your calls with our sales and customer support agents only for the purpose of quality improvement. WEBIZ SEO Inc. takes regular actions in order to comply with this policy. You can always contact us on phone or through our website if you have any concerns regarding our policy or how we have handled your provided information. If required we will contact you to further discuss your concern and reach a resolution through mutual talk.

Third Party Links On WEBIZ SEO Inc.

You may come across third party links on any of our websites at times. This privacy policy only defines the privacy practices of WEBIZ SEO Inc.. WEBIZ SEO Inc. does not disclose any personally identifying information of its users to these third parties even if it furnishes their links on its website. Should you click on those links and use the services of those third parties, you will have to comply with their own privacy policies. This privacy policy is exclusively for WEBIZ SEO Inc. and not for third parties.

Changes In Privacy Policy

It is fully dependent on WEBIZ SEO Inc. sole discretion to make changes in the policy. Even though most changes will be only minor in nature, there are times when WEBIZ SEO Inc. may require making changes and amendments in its privacy policy. WEBIZ SEO Inc. urges you visit the privacy policy on this page regularly in order to keep yourself updated of those changes. We might send you an explicit notice of privacy policy changes if you have an account with us. If you continue to use WEBIZ SEO Inc. services and websites after the implementation of those changes, it would be considered an agreement to those changes from your side.