WEBIZ SEO Inc. provides only white hat and quality SEO services to its customers. It does not matter how complex a task is, we will never resort to black hat methods of optimizing a website. We believe in our services so much that we are ready to offer you a chance to be our reseller. As a reseller of WEBIZ SEO Inc. services you will be able to offer services from WEBIZ SEO Inc. menu as your services. On the paper, it will be you providing those services to your customer but at the back end WEBIZ SEO Inc. will be providing you its top notch services.

In a reseller model your customers never see us. Your customers are yours and every SEO need they have is addressed by you. We are on the back side providing you services but only you know about it. This model of doing business can prove to be greatly lucrative not only for the parent company but even more for you – the reseller.

Here are the benefits you will get as a business when you act as a reseller of WEBIZ SEO Inc.:

  • You will be able to add WEBIZ SEO Inc. services to your menu so your customers will see a bigger “services” section on your website.
  • You can sell the services to your customers at whatever price pleases you. We only charge you a fixed amount and let you earn your profits the way you want.
  • We’ll charge you monthly or how we decide in the contract. You will be free to charge your customers however you want.
  • We will always be available on phone and email to you so whenever there is a customer query that needs to be addressed with us in the loop, we’ll help you immediately and without delay.
  • You can advertise the top notch white hat SEO services to your new and old clients because we are on your back.

We know it is a bigger responsibility to be a part of the reseller business model and so we dedicate a team of our best experts and make it available to you on the phone to help you with your concerns as soon as the need arises.

Get in touch with us on 855-282-0007 to know more about our reseller services.