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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of WEBIZ SEO Inc. are mentioned under for users and customers to accept. Customers and users will accept these terms and conditions by signing it or any other documents that use these terms and conditions. The particulars of these terms and conditions will be applicable on all services provided by WEBIZ SEO Inc. including but not limited to search engine optimization, website designing, web development, business solutions etc. By using WEBIZ SEO Inc. services and the website you agree to the terms given below:

1. Policies:

The use of campaigns will be governed by requirements and specifications mentioned in the ads by WEBIZ SEO Inc. At any time the policies can be amended. Any communication from customer regarding any of the marketing campaigns from WEBIZ SEO Inc. will be made with WEBIZ SEO Inc. through phone, email or other online methods available on the website. WEBIZ SEO Inc. may change descriptions of its ads or other wordings to align with the policies that are pertaining to its web development, web designing, search engine optimization, SEO and other available services.

2. Campaigns From WEBIZ SEO Inc.


  •  Search Engine Optimization:

(Part 1) Keywords And Access To Websites:

After an SEO contract has been signed between customer and WEBIZ SEO Inc. the customer has to provide information as required by WEBIZ SEO Inc. for keyword selection. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will send a blank form to the customer and customer will be required to fill out this form and return it within 7 working days to provided email address on the website. The duration of 7 business days will start right after the day when initial payment is received. Any delay from customer’s side will allow WEBIZ SEO Inc. to pick keywords that it considers the best according to customer’s business, website and target market. Notification about this selection will be sent to the customer through email or fax. Seven days after the selection of keywords, either by WEBIZ SEO Inc. or customer, it will not be allowed for customer to change the keywords. However, customer will have the liberty to add more keywords by paying any charges that may apply.

Customer has to provide website access to WEBIZ SEO Inc. to get on-site SEO services. Any other access that might be required for SEO purpose must also be granted to WEBIZ SEO Inc.. This process must be completed within 7 working days after which if the delay was caused by customer, WEBIZ SEO Inc. can ask for additions or changes in the contracted course. Customer will be given a time period of 30 days to allow access to the website again after the revised additions to the contract. Failing to provide access again or to meet new requirements will result in termination of the contract. Such termination will result in no refunds to the customer. If the URL provided by customer is invalid or not working then WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held responsible for its listing because search engine will exclude such a URL from its search results.

Customer must make sure that the URL is in working condition when the contract is in effect. If URL is not working and is filtered out by search engine from its search results, WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held responsible.

(Part 2) Placement of Local Business Listings:

In order for local business listings to be activated the customer has to provide WEBIZ SEO Inc. the PIN or activation code it received on phone or through email. WEBIZ SEO Inc. must receive this PIN no later than 15 days after customer received it. If WEBIZ SEO Inc. is not provided the PIN within the said period then WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be hold accountable for rankings that take place during the timeframe of the contract. Advertisement of local business listings will be limited to a specific area. WEBIZ SEO Inc. promises to put in its best efforts to improve customer’s website’s ranking in search engine results but does not guarantee it.

(Part 3) Changes In The Website:

WEBIZ SEO Inc. SEO strategy includes working on front end and back end of customer’s website, and modifying and making changes to robots.txt, XML sitemaps, images, text content, files, meta tags, anchor tags, headers of the page and any other form of coding that might be present on these pages. By subscribing to WEBIZ SEO Inc. services customer agrees to let WEBIZ SEO Inc. work on these aspects. If the ranking declines during the contract because customer makes changes to these modifications and additions from WEBIZ SEO Inc. or deletes them, WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held responsible. WEBIZ SEO Inc. has the right to extend the existing contract with same payment or charge extra fee to customer if the customer wishes WEBIZ SEO Inc. to make changes again to the aspects that WEBIZ SEO Inc. has already modified and added.

Customer can request changes to the work performed by WEBIZ SEO Inc. on its website by contacting on the phone number, email address and other forms of communication provided on the website.

(Part 4) Submissions By WEBIZ SEO Inc.:

To perform SEO as per the contract between WEBIZ SEO Inc. and customer, WEBIZ SEO Inc. has the right to use customer’s website content including but not limited to, images, videos, text, phone number, company address, name of the company, name of the customer, social media pages etc. for promotional and advertisement purposes on the platforms that are stated in the contract. Customer must ensure to use copyrighted content on the website. If any legal action is taken against the content promoted or advertised by WEBIZ SEO Inc. from customers’ website because the content was not copyrighted, WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held accountable for those actions that customer will face.

(Part 5) Analyses Of Performance And Reports:

WEBIZ SEO Inc. sends a ranking report to the customer before any SEO work on the website is performed by WEBIZ SEO Inc.. This report gives customer the information about the ranking of its website for the keywords that have been selected in the contract. The ranking of keywords on the report is for Google, Yahoo and Bing – the major search engines. More reports are sent to the customer during the contract. These reports contain information on the ranking of selected keywords at the time of the making of the report in comparison to the ranking of the same keywords on the first report. The rankings of keywords can be different when the customer checks them from where they were ranking when reports were created. WEBIZ SEO Inc. can provide customers with links to the submissions if asked to.

WEBIZ SEO Inc. can also provide its customer the Google analytics report. Customer can send an email request for this.

(Part 6) Service Charges:

Customer is responsible to pay the contracted amount to WEBIZ SEO Inc. at the decided date. Any delay in payment can result in WEBIZ SEO Inc. suspending customer’s account. WEBIZ SEO Inc. can send a warning email and issue a timeline during which the payment must be made by customer. If customer does not pay the payment within that timeline then WEBIZ SEO Inc. is entitled to take legal action against the customer. Customer will have to pay for all legal and lawsuit related fees that WEBIZ SEO Inc. will incur.

WEBIZ SEO Inc. is entitled to and customer agrees that WEBIZ SEO Inc. can share customer’s billing information, credit card information and any information related to payment with entities that assist WEBIZ SEO Inc. in taking payments and completing the payment processes. WEBIZ SEO Inc. can disclose this information in the course exercising its legal rights. Any valid legal processes that require WEBIZ SEO Inc. to share customer information will also result in the disclosing of customer information. The actions these third parties take on customer information are solely their liability. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be responsible for their actions.

(Part 7) Renewal Of Contracts:

Any renewal of services will still take place under the same terms and conditions that were stated and agreed to by customer at the time of the first contract. The payment amount and setup charges are not included however. To stop an automatic renewal customer has to send a 7-day prior notice to WEBIZ SEO Inc..

(Part 8) Cancelation Of Services:

Customer can cancel the search engine marketing campaign 24 hours after the receiving of payment at WEBIZ SEO Inc.’s end. Customer is required to send an email or fax for cancelation. If cancelation request is sent after 24 hours after payment had been received, customer will earn no refund. Full refund will be given to customer for sending the cancelation request 24 hours after WEBIZ SEO Inc. receives the payment.

Cancelation request sent later than 24 hours after WEBIZ SEO Inc. receives the payment will amount to no refunds for customer. However, customer will have to pay cancelation charges. If customer wishes to cancel the order in spite of the fact that the selected keywords or some of them are showing up on first page of Google search results, the cancelation fee may be higher than what’s mentioned on the contract. Customer can cancel a renewed SEMC service at any time by paying the regular cancelation fee.


  • Local Business Listing:

Local business listing for customer will be created by WEBIZ SEO Inc. for search engines mentioned in the contract. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will also promote customer’s website and optimize it on through all SEO means mentioned in the contract including but not limited to blogs, social networking websites, social bookmarking websites, web directories etc. It can take up to 30 days for WEBIZ SEO Inc. to start its campaign after receiving payment from the customer.

WEBIZ SEO Inc. needs customer to provide the activation code in order to activate the local business listings. WEBIZ SEO Inc. can also reject local business listings for certain keywords during the 30 day time period if the keywords are not fulfilling local business listing requirements. However, WEBIZ SEO Inc. can opt for keywords that are generally accepted or modify the spellings of keywords to fulfill the liability of the contract. Customer will have to opt for an addition package from WEBIZ SEO Inc. if another geographical area is required to be marketed since the primary contract restricts WEBIZ SEO Inc. to advertise only one area.

WEBIZ SEO Inc. will do its best to improve the ranking of customer’s website but will not guarantee its appearance in top search results. Content in the form of video and images can encounter technical issues and WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be responsible for that. If customer’s website URL is not working, WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held responsible for the disappearance of ad because search engines will filter such a URL out.


  • Pay Per Click Campaign:

WEBIZ SEO Inc. cannot guarantee direct results or indirect results from its pay per click campaign even though it uses its best skills and experience to get the most out of PPC campaign for its customer. The customer will be required to let WEBIZ SEO Inc. use its search engine ad account. If customer does not have one then WEBIZ SEO Inc. will create a new one. Despite all great efforts WEBIZ SEO Inc. cannot guarantee an increase in customer signups, conversions, inquiries, sales or boosting of websites statistics. Actions taken by WEBIZ SEO Inc. cannot be taken as a guaranty of search engine changing the costs for customer’s ad account. A questionnaire will be sent to customer by WEBIZ SEO Inc. and customer will be required to return the completed questionnaire when the billing cycle is in effect. Customer may incur cancelation charges if does not return the questionnaire within specified period on the contract.

If customer is not satisfied with WEBIZ SEO Inc. services then compensation may be given to the customer as per the contract. Customer will need to contact the customer service of WEBIZ SEO Inc. or send an email regarding the concern if it is not mentioned on the contract what actions will be taken in the event when customer is not satisfied with the services.

WEBIZ SEO Inc. needs to access the website of the customer through FTP to perform remarketing and content network services. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will provide banners to the customer and await approval before starting the service. Client has the liberty to ask for one revision on the banner without paying anything for it. For any subsequent revisions the customer will have to pay additional charges as per the contract. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not be held accountable if activation is delayed because customer took more time in approving the banners.

Customer can provide its own banners however they must be in pre-specified formats. The account created by WEBIZ SEO Inc. can be acquired by customer when services are terminated but transfer fees have to be paid and the account must go through the formal process of transfer of owner. WEBIZ SEO Inc. has the right to terminate its services in event of no payment from customer. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will not take any responsibility of budgets if the customer intervenes in management of account.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization:

WEBIZ SEO Inc. develops copy by asking customer the necessary questions on what needs to be improved on the website. After creating a copy WEBIZ SEO Inc. sends it to the customer to approve it. Customer can make amendments and additions to this copy. The monthly charges in the contract include the costs of technical support, taxes, supervision of managers. Leaves taken by us on Sundays, Saturdays and on granted leave days will also be compensated by giving extra hours to work.


  • Website Development And Design

WEBIZ SEO Inc. takes approval from customer on website design and navigation on the email. After approval from the customer the website design and navigation are implemented. Any changes that customer requires after the approval will be charged by WEBIZ SEO Inc. according to its pre-defined method. Any content needed on the website will be provided by customer. All web pages can be revised only 2 times when their copy is sent as one batch. After the two free revisions more revisions will be billable. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will question customer to know what areas need to be worked on. A copy is then provided to customer to receive approval.

All graphical content must be in digital format. If it is not in digital format then it must be scan-able. All entries made into the database will be done by the customer. However, if WEBIZ SEO Inc. is called for this service it will be billable. Our services include free email accounts based on the domains of the customers. WEBIZ SEO Inc. will also provide training sessions wherein the website needs to be administered in the backend. Support is available on phone and email. In general there is no cost for this technical support.


3. Disclaimer